Special Thanks

Special Thanks to those who have helped contribute to MUSA Martial Arts:

  • Julio Sanchez and Karla Manzano (Kathy, David, Jeremy, and Julie too!)
  • Almain Ryan Ongkeko
  • George Gary and Emma
  • Master Chuck Crone
  • Lily Ball
  • Debra Havellana
  • Matt Peake

Also very special thanks to those who have helped MUSA Martial Arts with their time and service:

  • Pia Alvendia
  • Master Chuck Crone – for continued support, advice, guidance, etc!
  • John Chong – for all the construction and paint work
  • Ethan Greenberg and Family
  • Julio Sanchez and Family
  • Paul Seo
  • Walter Harris and Maigan
  • Jonathan Shaham
  • Rey Silva
  • Samantha Stone
  • Jacob Winkelman
  • Michael and Tal Vincent  www.michaelvincent.com

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