Scholarship Program

MUSA Martial Arts Academy strives to be the number one family martial arts center in Los Angeles. By providing martial arts training to children and adults, we plan to become a strong contributing member to the community. Our curriculum will be based in TaeKwonDo and HapKiDo, with a strong focus on youth education and self defense. Our students will have the best martial arts training in the industry, allowing them to become champions in large tournaments, leaders in society, and overall healthy well rounded individuals.

Martial arts is extremely beneficial to both children and adults. With children, exercise and healthy habits will be established early on, along with discipline and respect, two lessons that will carry them through life. As for adults, martial arts promotes an overall healthy way of life, benefiting both mind and body. Not only will our adult students lose weight, learn to defend themselves, and become flexible and physically active, they will have a clearer mind and better focus during their daily tasks.

Our school will cater to the family environment, therefore attracting area families and children. By working with local organizations and schools, we will promote our school and become members of the community, therefore spreading the name of MUSA Martial Arts Academy.

With the current childhood obesity epidemic, parents now are doing more than ever to provide healthy activities for their children. Fitness has now become a priority in this country, and more households and families are seeing the importance of adding this into their budgets.
Not only has fitness become a priority, but self defense has as well. As crime rates rise, its even more important now than ever to learn how to defend yourself against an attacker. Women especially need to learn self defense, and MUSA Martial Arts Academy will have specific programs just for them.

At MUSA Martial Arts Academy, we want all children to have the ability to partake in martial arts and extra curricular activities. We have created a scholarship program for under privileged youth, possible only by your donations. With every donation accumulated of $500 or more, we can give away a one year tuition scholarship to a child in need. Please check back for updates on this growing program!


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